Propeller Plane Kits and Supplies

*Prototype shown

Guru Propeller Plane Kit ‘20


This kit makes 2 propeller planes compatible with the 2020 Science Olympiad Division C Wright Stuff rules and is based on the design used by the 2017 National Champions.  Includes all parts needed to build and fly including laser cut balsa parts, Ikara propeller, rubber, o-rings, and carbon fiber fuselage reinforcement.  Features a bi-plane design and easy adjust-ability to allow switching between clockwise and counterclockwise flights. Kit also includes building instructions and access to online building, trimming, winding, and flying tutorial videos.  Does not include a winder. 

Ikara 6" Propeller


Ikara 6" Propeller.  Same Propeller included with the Guru Propeller Plane Kit '20.  Can easily be cut down to required size.

Ikara Propeller Nose Hook


1 Ikara Propeller Nose Hook



FAI Super Sport Rubber. Available in 1/16" size.

Bags are 20g in weight.

O Rings


20 count O-Rings

KP Aero 15:1 Winder


15:1 winder from KP Aero.  The winder of choice for most free flight professionals and Science Olympiad teams.

Counter Add-On for KP Aero Winders


Add-On counter for KP Aero Winders.  Keeps accurate count of the number of winds put onto the motor.  A must have for teams who have trouble counting winds.

15:1 Winder and Counter Add-On Combination


Get both the KP Aero 15:1 Winder and the counter add on in one package.  Great for teams just starting out or who just need another winder.

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